Rouse Band – Oildorado 100th Year Anniversary Performance – Bakersfield Portrait Photographer

Music is another one my passions. Hence, why I love photographing musicans or anything to do with music. The Rouse Band that performed at the Oildorado days this past month has actually been around for years. The band’s history starts with Steve and Sam Rouse back in the 70’s, which was affectiontely known as “The Rouse Brothers Band.” In addition to Steve and Sam, this band included some local taft musicians that simply loved to play music. For the Oildorado 100th year anniversary this year, it was Steve Rouse’s idea for the band to get together and share their talent once again. It was then, with very sad and unfortunate news, that Steve Rouse passed away this last March, 2010, unexpectedly. Steve’s children, Spencer, Donna and David along with their uncle Sam were determined to press forward and honor Steve with performing at the anniversary celebration. Also, Spencer’s new wife, Lacie, joined the group as a top soloist. The performance was a tremendous success, one in which, Steve would be so proud. The first performance was during the Oil Worker Monument Dedication. On Wednesday night, the Rouse Band performed many songs to a rockin’ crowd to include: “Birthday,” by the Beatles as a birthday song to Taft’s 100 year birthday of the Oildorado; Radar Love, Heartbreaker, Folsom Prison, I Put a Spell on You, and I Love a Rainy Night.

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  • Ruth Silver - November 3, 2010 - 2:03 am

    Gorgeous photographs! I love the black and white photo and the guitar close up. Nice work.

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