How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session

You have booked Juli Feller for your engagement session.  Awesome!  Let’s chat about how to prepare and why an engagement session is important.

Why Engagement Photos?

First, some people may wonder, “Why do I need engagement photos?”  The reason for having engagement photos is probably not what you would think.   An engagement session, in my opinion, is important because it is an awesome opportunity to do a dress rehearsal, or trial run with your photographer, while having a blast and receiving amazing photos all at the same time.  During an engagement session, I will teach you many things that you can apply on your wedding day.  One thing I will teach you is posing ideas and how to pose so you look natural, and your very best in photos.   Although I don’t do many posed photos on your wedding day, knowing the poses ahead of time will save us time during your wedding.
For example, one posing trick I will show you is this:   whatever part of your body is closest to the camera could possibly show up as the largest part of your body in the photo.  So if you are standing sideways toward the camera, your arm will be closest to the camera.  If your arm is flat against your body, your arm may appear to look like the biggest part of your body in the photo.  I will show you tricks to correct this issue.  There are many more little tricks like this one you will learn during your engagement session.  During your engagement session, you will also become familiar on how I communicate when I have a camera in my hand.  This familiarity you will learn about me will also save us time on your wedding day because you will have already learned cues that I often use, or my “camera-lingo”.    And lastly, you will have some amazing photos to share at your wedding, or simply with friends and family.  Ok, on to how to prepare for your session…..

Engagement session Indianapolis


Dress as if you are going out to a nice dinner.  Simple enough, right?   What colors look best?  No matter what your skin tone, dark colors will work best, but are not an absolute.  The reason for this is when we look at a photo our eye tends to go to the brightest part of the image first.  So if you are wearing a bright or light color, your eye will go there first.  We want people to see your beautiful faces first.  So with this said, darker tones work best, but I also tell clients if you have a favorite piece of clothing that is not a darker tone, go ahead and bring that as well.  It’s more important to me that you wear clothing that makes you feel like you!   I usually suggest bringing 2-3 changes of clothing.

Beach Session Clothing

The exception to the darker tones for clothing would be if we are doing a session on the beach.  If this is the case, white is ok to wear.  I don’t know what it is about wearing white near the beach, perhaps something to do with the negative ions ??

What will we do on our engagement session, or where will we go?

I like to use locations that mean something personal to you.  For example we could:

  • go to a place where you got engaged
  • go somewhere in nature, because you are nature lovers
  • go to a downtown location because you are both foodies and love the downtown vibe
  • go to your kitchen at home because you love to cook together
  • go inner tubing behind a boat

Here is a photo from one of my engagement sessions taken on Lake Freeman in Monticello, Indiana.  These two had fond memories of going to Lake Freeman together so we incorporated some tubing into their engagement photos.  The sky is the limit on ideas for your engagement session location!!

Indiana Beach Engagement Session

Other details

Other things you need to know about your engagement session is:

  • if you need a haircut, get one at least 2 weeks before your session.
  • check your fingernails.
  • make sure your clothes are wrinkle free.
  • avoid wearing clothing with writing on it.
  • if you wear make-up, apply it heavier than normal.  One thing I suggest in regard to make-up is that if you are getting your make-up applied on your wedding day and you have found your make up artist, book your trial run with your make up artist the day of your engagement session.

Here are some photos of past engagement sessions.  Have more questions about your engagement session?  Don’t hesitate to reach out !

Engagement Photos

Juli Feller Photography is an Indiana based wedding photographer.  I consider it an honor to tell your love story through pictures.    I value moments that are organic, relational, and involving human connection.  I photograph weddings and engagement sessions all over the state of Indiana, the Midwest, California and destinations like Mexico & Hawaii.