Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – Juli Feller Photography

1. Will you travel to shoot our wedding ?  Yes, Absolutely ! If your wedding is within 150 miles from my home, there is no travel charge.  In addition, I will happily accept a destination wedding where I need to fly.  See a destination wedding I did near Cancun on the Riviera Maya!

2.  How much do you charge for weddings ?  I have my price list on my website here:  Pricing

3.  Can you customize a wedding collection for us ?  Absolutely !!  It is important to me that you have exactly what you want!

4.   How long does it take to get our images back ?  Per my contract, it may take approximately 6-8 weeks to receive your images.  In less busy times of the year, however, it is likely you will receive them sooner.  Every image is hand-edited and crafted, so it is important to take my time and make sure every image looks amazing.

5.  How many images will we receive of our wedding ?  That depends on your wedding, if you have a 2nd photographer, the number of people attending, the number in your bridal party, the amount of family formal photos, but typically couples receive any where from 500-800 edited images for a 7-8 hour wedding day.

6.  How do we book you?  Let us know you want to book and a contract will be emailed to you.  Look over the contract, electronically sign, initial, then send back.  Next send the retainer amount via Paypal, in which I will send you instructions on how to do.  That’s it !!

7.  How long have you been photographing weddings?  I started my business in 2008 while living in California.  I moved back to Indiana in 2014 to be near family.  I am now photographing weddings in Indiana, the Midwest, California,  as well as tropical destinations.

8.  Do we own the copyright to our images?   I retain the copyright of your images, however you receive what is called a print and web release, which means you have the right to print your images at a lab of your choosing at any quantity or any size.  A web release means you may use your images on social media.  Just do me a favor and credit me as the photographer on social media 🙂

9.  Are the images we receive in our digital gallery high resolution?  Yes

10.  Where can we print our images?  I highly recommend printing through your online gallery.  Your gallery is connected to one of the best professional printing labs in the country.  Pro photographers are the only people that can makes prints at this lab, however, as a client of mine, you have the same access to this lab as pro photographers do!!  The prices are inexpensive, not much more than you would pay at a local lab, and they are professionally made prints.

11. What kind of equipment do you use, and what happens if it breaks?  I use Nikon professional cameras and lenses.  I have backup cameras/lenses I bring to weddings, in case something happens, however, these are products are made tough, so it would be a super rare occasion if a camera or lens stopped working.

12.  Do you offer wedding albums?  Yes!  I offer some beautiful hand-made albums !  You can see the sizes and number of pages on my pricing page here:

13.  Can we choose the images for our wedding album?  What I found is best is if I create a rough draft design of your wedding album for you. I will create the design of your album based on the story of your wedding day from my perspective.  After I create the design of the rough draft, then, of course, you can swap out images if you would like to do that.   In the past, when I have allowed couples to choose the images for their album, what happens is couples can never decide on the images they want.  Then, they end up asking me to go ahead and the make the design which is now a few years later.

14.  How will we know how much time we need for pictures?  If you do not have a wedding planner or coordinator, I will help you plan the photographic timeline of your wedding.  This is part of my signature service.

15. What do we do if it rains on our wedding day?    I’ve been professionally trained for 10 years now on every scenario possible on wedding days.  I continually educate myself by attending training and educational workshops every year, and am very confident that I can create the most amazing photos for you despite the rain.

16.  How many weddings have you shot?  I have photographed over 300 weddings, starting in 2008.

17.  How long is the engagement session and  can we schedule our engagement session on the weekend?  Your engagement session is  approximately 2 hours.  I prefer to do engagement sessions during the week at dawn/early morning OR, in the evenings.  The reason for this is the best light for your engagement session is first thing in the morning or evening light.   I reserve the weekends for weddings, so if we can work out a weekday morning or evening, that would be best!

18.  What happens if the weather is bad for our engagement session? We can re-schedule

19.  How many images will we receive from the engagement session? You will receive anywhere from 50-100 hand-edited images.

20.  What happens in an emergency if you can’t be there for our wedding ? Per my contract, if for some unforeseen reason I’m not able to be at your wedding, (I shot a wedding once when having food poisoning, so if I’m able to walk, I’ll be there)  I have a network of awesome photographers that I can call at a moment’s notice to find a suitable replacement.

Any Other Questions ?  Please email me at 

Juli Feller Photography is an Indiana based wedding photographer.  I consider it an honor to tell your love story through pictures.    I value moments that are organic, relational, and involving human connection.  I photograph weddings and engagement sessions all over the state of Indiana, the Midwest, California and destinations like Mexico & Hawaii.